Brass excels with high-speed machining.

Are you up to speed?


Machinability Rating

Higher Material Removal Rate

RPM Turning Speeds

The speed you need

The astounding high-speed machining capabilities of brass create unbeatable manufacturing economics in the highly competitive market for precision parts. With today’s advanced machine tool technology, you can run brass at speeds and feeds many times faster than other materials. Such capabilities are a welcome surprise to most manufacturers. Many shops underestimate the productivity potential of brass by as much as 85 percent, and current handbooks cite overly conservative values.

On modern machine tools, brass cuts with ease on long production runs at the maximum permissible speeds with minimal tool wear, steady surface finish, and excellent chip control. Brass offers you real opportunities for fast, productive, cost-effective machining – in many cases, far more than you’ll achieve with steel or stainless steel, for instance.

With brass, you can

Boost throughput, with material removal rates up to 20 times higher than for conventional machining

Increase profitability with faster cuts, shorter cycle times, and expanded production capacity

Justify investments in new machine tools through productivity gains

Cash in on high chip-recycling value to recoup raw material costs

Make full use of machines’ spindle power and speed

Can brass take your production

to the next level?

The answer is yes.

Whether you’re ready to design a new part, invest in new high-speed equipment or want to get more out of your existing machines.